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8 Reasons To Support The Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit

Established in 1997 to encourage individuals, businesses and organizations to make lasting charitable investments in their communities, the Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit creates an incentive to give to charitable endowments.

Here are 8 reasons to support the Endowment Tax Credit:

  1. It helps ensure money created in Montana, stays in Montana, for Montana, forever.
  2. It works! More than $145 million has been contributed to Montana charitable endowments to date, in large part because of this incentive.
  3. At a 5% payout, an estimated more than $7.25 million is distributed annually to support charitable causes in Montana from endowments.
  4. It is a unifying, bi-partisan issue as it promotes philanthropy in Montana and gives Montanans a say in where their money should go in their communities, now and in the future.
  5. The credit is unique, in that a person receives a tax benefit for doing something good for someone else.
  6. The credit is a visionary, innovative and effective incentive for philanthropic giving even in the most rural communities of Montana.
  7. The credit is effective and efficient. Each gift involving the credit can cost the Government a maximum of just $2 for every $5 given. The cost to government is actually lower because the value of gifts made to qualify for the credit often far exceeds the amount that qualifies for the $10,000 credit maximum.
  8. The credit is predictable. According to the Department of Revenue, the total credits taken in recent years by individuals were $3 million (2019), $2.4 million (2020) and $3.6 million (2021).

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit has proven its worth to Montana. Spread the word!

For additional information and answers to common questions about the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.